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Rescue Story

Here is the problem...

The harsh reality is that there are 70 million stray animals on the streets in the US. Every day, countless companion animals are being euthanized in shelters due to overcrowding and a lack of resources. In the United States alone, millions of cats and dogs are put to death each year due to these reasons. This is a heart-breaking tragedy for these innocent creatures who deserve a second chance at life. There is a great need due to the lack of support from current large animal welfare organization. Did you know that on average less than 5% of all the money collected through donations specifically for animal welfare actually goes to the animals in need? The shelters are struggling, every single one. It’s now our chance to help make change by example.

Here is our solution...

“The ResQ Project”, inspired by our film Rescue Story, was created to help solve this funding problem. 100% of all donations are distributed directly to local shelters through our business partnerships. We help local animal rescues with the education piece to the public that needs to know how to help. By partnering local rescues with businesses that care about animals and their community, everyone wins!


We believe we have created a win-win solution to help your business by increasing your client retention through top of mind awareness and portray your business as a hero in the community while at the same time and more importantly help save lives in our community. We are offering a unique sponsorship opportunity to share our award-winning film for a tax deductible donation to our 501c3 not for profit corporation, registered in Florida, and in exchange, we provide you an educational, purpose driven marketing campaign unlike any other to share with your clients which shows you care about your clients, your community and the lives of innocent companion animals.


We think the best part of this program is that the shelter will receive 100% of all donations and your company gets all the credit. This positive feedback loop feeds the entire community between your business, your clients, their friends and the rescues. It's very simple. Your clients watch the film with their families or friends, get educated and inspired to want to help in their own way. Donating, volunteering or becoming a foster are just a few of the ways they will learn they can help from watching our film.

Sponsor a Film

Save a Life

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Conscious Humanity, Inc, Non Profit


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Power of the Network Effect from $8,000 to $100,000

$8k sponsorship = 4,000 film views (avg of 3 people per view) to your customers/clients/patients could provide 12,000 people. If 1 in 3 (ex: 4,000 people) donate $25 each, it quickly generates $100,000. This generous amount would be donated to your selected shelter because so many people are watching, sharing and donating within their personal networks. Your sponsorship provides so much value, positive PR and top of mind awareness from your contribution to the ResQ cause. It's a win, win for everyone especially the rescue animals in need.

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Community Drive-in event: Greenbay, WI

Quick facts

  • 7/10 people have a pet at home and no one wants animals to die on the street, in the shelter or at all
  • Social Impact awareness in your community with your business partnership to the Rescue Story film
  • Support your existing client lists with a valuable relevant gift of education & awareness
  • Your business is shared with the local animal rescues for PR and their list of adopters
  • Access to professionally produced assets and marketing materials
  • Choice of one or more shelters you sponsor, personal preference of who and how many, sample site has one
  • Each shelter has a donation link to the local shelter(s) in your area, customers can donate at their own will
  • Local news may want to cover this sponsorship for community action so it’s a great feel good story
  • Your sponsorship is a tax deductible donation to Conscious Humanity, Inc

Marketing media for Rescue Story Film will be provided

  • Press Release will be provided to you for the media
  • Post examples with images for this FREE screening will be provided for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Special google drive access to assets
  • Email campaign(s) will be provided to send to your customer list with the link to your movie site
  • In store flyer will be available with QR code to site for film screening

Conscious Humanity™, Inc

Education & Awareness for Humanity

Non Profit Site conscioushumanityinc.org

Conscious Content film site consciouscontent.org

Learn More resqproject.com

Tony Ingria

National Partnership Director

Don't have a business and want to help save animals? Donate below to receive your FREE screening of the film. Click the heart below to donate.

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